Friday, March 30, 2007

Return of the Mack

Well it has surely been a long break since my last entry. It is not that I had forgotten about the ol' blog or didn't care, it is just that I do not seem to have the time anymore. But rest assured that I have spent the last few months building up quite a good account balance on the frequent flyer card.

I received an update the other day from my site tracking software that told me five people had dropped by the blog during the week. My apologies to those five for the lack of updates, but who are you??? Surely you must have given up on me by now!

When I first began this blog I had a grand vision of an outlet for me to expose my inner thoughts and ideas. I am actually a very private person with my emotions and thoughts which is a detriment to my life relationships. I had thought that by creating a blog with no links back to myself, it would allow me to release some of this issue. Alas it has not. I still cannot seem to break these shackles.

I think that may actually be why I have retreated from blogging. It is just not living up to the expectations that I had wanted from myself.

After all this time, this entry will probably appear to be very negative and like I am somewhat depressed, but I am truly happy. Just not a good blogger.