Thursday, September 28, 2006

I too had seen the ad's during brownlow night informing me that young Nikki Webster had done her first lingerie shoot. However I am not so self-composed and I just had to go and have a look for myself. It is much like watching womens sports, nobody else will probably see it, it will most likely be awkward and painfully boring and if any of my friends find out that I look at it I will probably be dis-owned.

But look at it I did.

Each photo Nikki had the exact same expression on her face, but I am not quite sure what the expression is. It is either a) I am scared, my manager is making me do this and I hate it. Or b) Is this how to look sexy?

It has to be the most awkward looking shoot that I have seen. Who would have guessed flapping about on wires above the olympic stadium would have come to this.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My opinion on the first ever sandwhich.....I was just considering what was in the first ever sandwhich made (which I assume would have been for the Earl of Sandwhich). My guess would have been roast beef. A work colleague has suggested it would have been roast lamb. We both agree that it probably would have been meat but my colleague believes lamb was far more prevalent in ye olde times. But it was for an Earl, surely he could have afforded the luxury of dead cow. Maybe we will never know.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My opinion on the that I actually do not like it. Although my last few posts may appear to suggest otherwise, it is just a relic of the fact that I have been following the swans for so long (and hate the eagles so much) that I felt a need to comment. I do however love aussie rules football.

Let me expand. The AFL decided at some point that all teams should have equal opportunities and the comp should be run so that each team will win the premiership once every twenty years or so. What they have achieved, is that now the AFL represents nothing to anybody except for jumper colours. The draft system now means that all clubs are no longer required to do anything! no player community assistance and no need to even win games anymore. Just come last and watch all the great kids roll in to the club next year. This means that the clubs are no longer community based like they used to be, in fact, very few players actually play for the club where they grew up and so the result is that somebody who supports Fremantle for instance is just following a bunch of blokes wearing Freo colours who come from Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, etc. What is the bloody point.

My suggestion - The first two picks for each club in the draft must come from your zone or local area and these 'zone draftees' would be excluded from the salary cap for as long as they remain at the club. By doing this the clubs would start to invest again in the grassroots game to make sure that there zone produces the best juniors. The teams would again be made up predominantly of players that actually represent the teams zone. If players are worthy of a pay rise, they will receive it to keep them at their club to not disadvantage the individuals.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Living in the west and following a team from the east presents a wonderful arbitrage opportunity at the TAB of all places. You see, because the state is full of parochial supporters who refuse to gamble against their own team, it forces down the odds of the encumbant Eagles and Dockers. Thus presenting higher odds for other sides such as the Swans and the Crows. I have been playing this off for some time now and have been able to gain access to odds far better than my eastern states breathren. This opportunity has never been better than finals time this year where a double win of Adelaide and Sydney had odds of $5.20 as a multi bet, which is unbealivable considering both teams were always going to win, as Hazel would know being the form tipster in the country. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the TAB in time for the Adelaide game, but I was still able to get odds of a massive $2.85 for the Swannies!!

Will the westies ever learn? Let's just hope that the Eagles make the GF again.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well I have managed to take possession of three of the hottest tickets in town for this weekend's match of the Swans vs the Wet Scrotes. Just a real shame that I don't actually have any friends and so I have two tickets too many.

At least I will have lots of room to stretch my legs out. I may even manage a nap during the half-time break.