Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Break

I am going home.......see you again in a few weeks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worse than my opinion

I thought about listing all the blogs that are better than mine, but then decided the list would be far too long. Instead, in a new series of blogs, I will find and expose blogs that are clearly worse than mine. This series should at least get me 2 new posts.

The first in the series I found a few months ago whilst doing some research in to investing. Because obviously, the blogoshpere is where you want to get your investment recommendations from.

Ladies and germs.....I present to you

Now that seems like a reasonable place to start your investment dreams right. Information about "free seminars" from Financial Planners and Wealth Coaches. It seemed I had stumbled on Aladin's cave for blogging websites....until this happened. I followed it back to the main web page and discovered, much to my entertainment, that my new financial planner to the stars, enjoys reading phantom bed.....topless.......with Children....

And going from his arms, it appears he is only slightly higher than a yeti on the evolutionary scale.

Seriously, who puts this on a professional web page advertising their mad finance skillz?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It just occured to me that maybe my opinion doesn't matter. Maybe I should stop telling so many people what it is.

At least that would give me more blogging time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Movember in australia is both the greatest and worst time of the year. Why? Because nearly every man (and indeed a number of women) grow as big a moustache as possible for a month and if there is one thing I enjoy, it is growing a mo'. The idea being that you must be clean shaven as at 1 November and the rest is left up to your artistic interpretation.

The bad part : Thanks to the Irish heritage, my mo' is very poor at growing either quickly or without chunks missing from it. So I end up each year with some cobbled together coverage that by the time I reach the end of the month has most people calling me 'Sanchez' and asking me for peso's.

However it is all in for a good cause and I was able to raise nearly $500 for research in to prostate cancer (which I may add is a more common cancer than breast cancer). But to ensure the ladies are missing out on their own moment in the sun, a few of the girls I know will be taking part in Fanuary.

If any Americans need to know more about this I will be happy to explain further.