Friday, June 27, 2008

My opinion on Schapelle Corby


For any non-Australian's that stumble upon this here blog, Schapelle Corby is one of the biggest news stories in the past few years.

RECAP : Bogan girl from Queensland (Bogan-ville) is caught at Denpasar airport in Indonesia with 4.2kgs of marijuana in her body board bag. Poor ol' Schapelle claims it was not hers and she has never seen it before in her life. Indonesians attempt to impose the death penalty but only manage to lock her up for 20 years. Public outcry to save her life blames it on airport bag handlers creating an international drug cartel. Court case fails miserably and Schapelle is left to sit in jail for a while.

The thing that was a complete giveaway for me is that she was attempting to take a 'boogie-board' in to Bali all the way from Australia. This has two clear faults.

1. You can just get a board in Bali for crying-out-loud. Instead of carting a 4.2kg board from Brisbane to Sydney to Bali, why would't you just save all the effort and rent/buy one over there...unless of course you are importing 4.2kg of pot.

2. Anybody that would be serious enough about body boarding to take their board with them, would call it a body board. Not our friend Schapelle who likes to call it a boogie-board like she is some 6 year old kid on Christmas holidays.

Also, if the baggage handlers were to be involved in a drug cartel, you would think that surely they would be transporting something a little more 'edgy' that pot considering the risks that are involved.

Not that this is any real opinion. And thank goodness this blog is private, otherwise Mercedes may try and sue me.

Anyway there was a frickin' sweet documentary aired over two nights this week that basically links the Corby family (Father, Brother, Sister, etc.) right in to the middle of the drugs trade. Had a great time watching and I hope now that Schapelle just serves out her time in silence. Whilst 20 years may appear extreme to others, that is the Indonesian law, so if you want to break a law in another country, be prepared to pay their penalty.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I blame Blogger

I tried to post an entry yesterday but then blogger blocked it for some unknown reason. Then it all became clear to me. Why don't I just blame the lack of posts for the last seven months on blogger blocking me. Yeah that's right, I have posted over 230 entries since December and that damned Blogger has stopped every one. Again, apportioning blame to others is what I do best.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fear of commitment

In recognition that it is probably my own fault (I don't like to take blame for things) that there is no audience to this blog, since a new post arrives approximately once every 3 months and when it does it consists of little substance. I have decided to post more regularly, even if I have bugger all to say.

My theory being that the few people that come here must feel pangs of guilt if they were to not keep coming back and at least recognising that I am still posting, even if it is as interesting as a conversation with the hamburglar ("rabble, rabble, rabble", I mean at least grimace can form words even though he is a giant thickshake).

Is it obvious that I require attention? Does my neediness look big in this??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So it was my birthday yesterday and nobody in the blogosphere even took the time to leave a comment.

p.s. if anybody is still reading, this post is clearly the biggest shout-out for some comment love ever! This poor blog is dying a slow and unnatural death, due entirely to lack of posts.