Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I now have something that has fired my up people........INFLATION! Some of you may not care for the financial analysis of everything so hopefully it is suffice to say that the price of fuel and bananas have gone through the roof. The CPI (inflation rate) has increased 4% over the past year and as Gwen Stafani would say "This s**t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S". Last March Larry took it upon himself to destroy Australia's banana growing industry which has caused a spike price rise of 250%. Recently, I felt like eating a banana because it had been so long since I last had one, but when I got to the shops I discovered to my surprise, that at A$18 a kg for bananas, I would much rather drink a fancy pants bottle of wine than eat a kilo of bananas. After all they are both high in potassium.

So what will the reserve bank do about it do I hear you ask? Well there regular meeting will be next Tuesday and they must surely increase interest rates, but will 25 basis points be enough, not in my opinion, I am asking for 50 (as if it is some kind of public opinion poll). Take note those with home loans, FIX YOUR RATES TODAY.

Furthermore, Perth property prices have now increased to be more expensive than Melbourne, making Perth the second most expensive in Australia only just lagging those poorly-lifestyled over-worked Syndeyites. When the bloody hell did Perth become a city?!?! I have spent all my time thinking it was just a country town with a bad attitude. It is not actually important but all the residents think it is......Similar to New Zealand really.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who would have ever guessed that blogging would be such a difficult pastime? I am only 3 entries in and I think may have run out of material.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Q. What should one do when you have a crummy day, the stock market falls by another 20 points after five days of falling stright, it takes longer than it should to get home and you forgot to defrost any meat for dinner?

A. Go to the casino, drink a pint of beer and visit the high class all you can eat buffet. If there is one thing I love it is all I can eat!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

As I have mentioned, I am an avid blog reader, so here are the blogs I love.

1. Bex and A Good Lie Down - This was one of the first blogs I got in to (although it took a long while to leave my first comment). Witty, concise and imaginative. This has spawned other great blogs such as grumpy her man's blog, who felt the need to run a concurrent blog so as to present a balance point of view to statements made in the first blog. I think Grumpy is now actually my preferred blog of the two though as I too am a fan of all things rugby & medieval and I also like the dry one-liners.

2. Blackpool or Bust - Great blog from somebody passionate about politics, global issues, swearing and crisps.

3. But slenderly - Really well written from a surprisingly down to earth American (who would have thought they existed!!)

4. Cupcake central - An absolute wordsmith. Every post is written so imaginatively. I also love the off-centre point of view that Cupcake has. Not regularly updated, but always a must read when it is.

5. Miss Hag - This is one very special person. Her blog contains such personification of topics. She can bring real emotion to any subject including but not limited to how hair smells.

6. Post Secret - Not a blog as such, but this site is an absolute must read each Monday morning.

7. Pussycat - My favourite of all the blogs that I read. This one time Aussie but now Scottish lass is one of the greatest writers I have found, blog or otherwise. I lost months of my life just scrolling back through her archives to make sure I didn't miss one single syllable. I laughed, I cried, I fell asleep, then I laughed, then I had something to eat, then I laughed again.

That list is just a few of the collection I am currently loving and recommend to everybody, but in no particular order. Hopefully soon I will be able to actually post something interesting on my own blog.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am a big fan of blogs world-wide and I am an avid daily reader of many of them. So for some months now I have contemplated creating my very own blog, and it has regularly been suggested to me by friends, family and possibly enemies that I do blog, but there are quite a few reasons why I have yet to do so. So for my very first entry I figured that I may as well list all the reasons and then nobody can ever complain that I led them astray or they thought it might have been different.

1. I do not have the witty turn of phrase that so many of the writers do that I enjoy. For example is a fantastic writer and a blog that I will never match up to. I feel this will leave my blog tasteless and boring, like rice bubbles.

2. I am quite a lazy person when it comes to 'doing stuff'. So in all likelihood I may go months at a time without adding another post. If you decide to be a dedicated reader of this blog then you will just have to accept that reality.

3. Because of the laziness mentioned above, it may also be likely that I will not do interesting things that are worthwhile blog fodder. So even if I do post, there is a significant risks that the post is just drivel.

4. The absolute mocking fear exists that nobody will ever leave a comment or even become a dedicated reader. Just one will do!!

5. My pattern of thought can be spurious and poorly linked. In a blog environment where you are meant to simply record your thoughts for the moment I am not sure how accepting the masses will be to me commenting on one thing (such as Bill Murray) before completly changing tack to another thing (like ascorbic acid).

Well at least I feel that I have now given fore-warning so that any further complaints can always be referred back to Post #1. At least we are starting this journey on an even footing. I love you all!!