Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My opinion on....Telstra 3.

The government made a lot of money by selling shares in T1 and T2. They also have a huge stockpile of cash from these sales, tax receipts and the future fund. What would I do if I was John Howard do you ask?

a) Buy back all of the shares that you have previously sold in Telstra. The idea has always been buy low, sell high. They mastered the sell high strategy with T2 so they should just buy them back at a significant discount now. Then put the prices of all services back to where they were before price regulation ruined their monopoly (as you control the ACCC anyway), reap the dividend payments for a while, then sell them again at $7.80 in a few years time.

b) trim my eyebrows

Just for the record, I ran the city to surf on the weekend with the little-red-haired girl. Overall we were quite pleased with our time of 1hr 15mins.

And we only cheated by cutting one corner as well, saving at least 20 metres!!

My favourite part though is tossing the little plastic cups over my shoulder after a drink station. It is good to pretend to be the deek.

Mimicing the actions of Australian of the Year is fun. Next year I think I might try to create a spray on skin for burns victims.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well I have been 'outed' by Hazel to the blogging world. I think now is the time to also let both Hazel and Grumpy know that I have for some time now, attempted to discover the real life two. Unfortunately as yet, all I have been able to do is drive around the greater Perth area, windows down listening out for Peter Gabriel and inspecting how well alinged the bins are.

So far no luck.

Friday, August 18, 2006

As most West Australian's would be well aware, there is a significant skills shortage in this state, making the requirements for employment a little lower than many employers would hope for. That however does not excuse the following lines in a cover letters I recently received.

"...I am writing to introduce myself and hope you will consider my application i've always been interested but how ever no experience but i hope thats want stop you." ..I don't think your experience is the main issue here. Punctuation would however be appreciated.

"My earlier job has been exciting, and I'm sure the next opportunity will hold even more promise." More exciting than Bakers delight?

"I'd appreciate your thoughts and ideas...." Some how, I am not sure that you would.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Well it is called 'my opinion on everything' so I may as well actually expose some of my opinions.

For years I have had a problem with how some words are pluralised, the worst case of this is house. If mouse becomes mice, surely then house should become hice.

"Look at all the beautiful hice in this suburb"

You know it makes sense!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So my devious plan has already yielded at least a one hit return thanks to 'Jason the wikinator'.......Now we ar starting to move to the preverbial greener pastures.

In happy news, it is census night tonight. I LOVE census night. For some reason I have a fascination with statistics and government duties. These two less than exciting topics come together in the five yearly celebration that is "CENSUS NIGHT". Ever since Ernie Dingo hit the small screen talking about the census fairies, I have had a weird electric feeling in my pants. That is how much I love census night!!

The questions.

The information.

The statistical references.

How can you not get excited?!?!

Unfortunately I will be out a little late tonight and so wont be home till after dinner time. I have had to tell the little red-haired girl not to start the census without me. In a trade off for this assistance I have had to agree to let her be 'person number 1' as a sign of my love for her. Still, the demotion to 'person number 2' is far less of a hurtful experience than it would be to miss out on the filling out of the forms all together.

The smell of the ink, the ruffling of the paper, the little confidential envelope to seal the forms in....it is all just so exciting.

And I wonder why nobody reads my blog.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Updated of Plan :

Went to search for other unsuspecting bloggers to manipulate. Got distracted by the funniest page on the internet.

No progress made as yet.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So it appears that nobody is actually reading my blog (I know because I put a ticker on it), so what can I do about it.

I could tell all my friends and family about it, but the facts are that this is a anonymous blog. Having my friends and family read it could be embarrassing for both them and me. Even though nothing juicy has come out yet, it well could do in the future. Sort of like Nick Lachey asking Jessica Simpson to read his blog.

I could tell all the other bloggers about my new blog, but that doesn't feel right though. You see, I have been reading and commenting on some blogs for a while now, but to turn around and ask them to start reading my blog, after months of commenting seems to me to be shallow and self-promoting. I mean, why should they have to read mine just because I read theirs. They may hate me and my comments anyway.

"So what's the plan Spud" I hear you ask. Well dear reader (ie ME!) I plan on finding some new blogs, ones that I feel indifferent towards. Introducing myself with one or two insightful and yet mildly funny comments, waiting for the "who are you?" follow-up, and then unleashing the tome that is my current blog.

The only issue with this is that I have now placed my plan on this blog for all my new converters to see, thusly resulting in them hating me and never coming back to my blog.......And so the cycle continues. But at least my precious ticker will have received a few hits.