Thursday, July 05, 2007


Long-term readers of this blog may be aware that my spelling is not always perfect and nor do I claim that it is. But I am particularly worried when the flying kangaroo, on their in-flight map, cannot spell a town name correctly. Of all the industries where you would think it is important to know where each town is and the towns actual name, you would think that aviation would at least make an honourable mention if it didn't qualify for the top 5.

Then again I may be wrong, there may actually be a town called Gelong just to the south of Melbourne.

Please feel free to check the map next time you are flying, it has been wrong every time that I have seen it.

Then to add to the blow, the flight also aired the channel nine evening news edition. Behind the news reader was a note about the proposed takeover of 'Bendigco Bank'. Surely somebody should be checking these things.