Thursday, February 05, 2009

The results are in.

I have so much to complain about....The Rudd governments assistance package *cough* WORST IDEA EVER *cough* or an accident on the Causeway this morning. But really lets just get on to the results for Game Time.

Firstly, Hazel deduced that I was lying about being the heaviest person I know. This was not a lie and I do actually weigh in at 121kg. This is explained a bit better by also letting you all know that I am 6ft 9in tall, and although I am a bit heavy on the BMI scale, I am not too bad. However, Hazel did correctly note that I do not have a problem with vanity, so for a partial reveal I will give you half a point.

Next Tabby guessed that I was lying about being the smartest person I know. This was also a truth and I do have degrees in physics, law and commerce. Unfortunately none of them appear to be helping me in the currect job market which it appears I might be a far more interested party to in the near future. However, once again, for showing her workings, I will award Tabby some partial credit. When I was in school we had those library cards that get filled in as your borrow the books. I was doing fantastically well with mine and had read probably more books than anybody else in my class. I was told though that they would be confiscating my card from me since THEY didn't believe I was using the library seriously. Who are they to judge?!? Anyway, my card was taken from me because they deemed that reading the same 30 Garfield comic books over and over again was not proper use of the system. I never have been issued with another card and for noting this in her answer, I award Tabby with one point.

Obviously I believe my opinion is the most important, that one was a bit of a gimme!

So it comes down to the option of the most athletic or the most environmental.....and with the greatest answer and by far best deduction it is 'd' for the win. I could not have said it better myself than this. "Someone with any education would know that global warming and carbon loading is a pure fallacy..." It is simply the greatest scare fest of our time. Whilst I do recycle some items, I definetly do not ride my bike to work and nor do I want any kind of dodgy brothers carbon trading scheme. So 'd' gets 10 points for this response and is crowned the clear winner of know your potato.

And anybody who now wants to argue the point with me about saving the environment, lets not forget that I am 6'9" and 121kg.